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Creating a new (training or other) contract

How to set up a new training contract for a client

Go to Provider home

Confirm choice

Click Provider to go to the main Provider home.

The Provider Home

On the provider home card, click the clients tab, then click the appropriate Goto button to go to the client's contact card.

The client's contact card

On the client's contact card you will see a contracts tab. Click this to start the process of creating a new contract for this client. Then click the New button on the right of the Contracts tab (1)

NOTE: You can also navigate to the client's home card from the start screen using the quick find option under the Contacts button!

The new contract card

Enter the details of the contract, including the contract name and details, start date and duration and Phase 1 name and summary.

NOTE: All contracts have at least one phase. Multiple phases allows you to separate out different items for each stage of the contract - for example a 5 year contract might have different deliverables for each of a number of different phases.

Click Confirm to continue.

New contract added to client's card

The new contract has now been added to the Contracts list on the relevant client's card.

If you wish to see the contract, click the Goto button on the contract line.