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Creating a Helpdesk issue from an inspection

Inspection record with an alert

This inspection record has an alert because some of the key answers were no.

You can create a new Helpdesk issue record directly from such an inspection record by clicking the New Helpdesk button.

NOTE: There is also a mini New Helpdesk button on the form itself - this makes it possible to log a new Helpdesk issue from the form directly, even if you are currently working on a works order line item which has a form attached to it.

New Helpdesk issue created from inspection form result

The new Helpdesk issue record will be pre-filled with all the relevant information from the inspections record.
Check the details, edit or add to if necessary and click Confirm to log the new issue.

NOTE: As the inspection record is linked to a specific object it is not possible to edit the resource / object links in the blue section of the new Helpdesk issue form in this situation!

Helpdesk issue linked to inspection

On the Helpdesk issue record you can see it is linked to an inspection.

Inspection record linked to Helpdesk issue

Back on the inspection record you can see confirmation that a Helpdesk issue has been created from this inspection result.


  • It is possible to create multiple Helpdesk issues from a single inspection form if necessary - in each case, edit the details field on the Helpdesk issue logging form to include only those items that you want to include on that particular issue
  • If multiple Helpdesk issue have been created from a single inspection then the label will read x Helpdesk issues created rather than Helpdesk issue created and the button will change to the list button - clicking this will take you to the list of Helpdesk issues that are linked to this inspection.