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Creating User Tasks

Adding your own composite and component tasks with costs breakdown, description and method to Flow360


For many cases on eof the built in simple tasks will be sufficient for many actions, but there may be occasions where you will want to create your own tasks with more detailed specification and methodology for use on your own sites.

Flow360 makes this possible. You can choose to create a new User task from component elements taken from the default tasks or create a new User task entirely from scratch, defining if necessary your own component elements and building them up into a composite task that you can apply to the resources on your sites.

Who can add user tasks?

You must be logged on to Flow360 as a surveyor with the ability to add tasks (this is assigned by Flow360 admin - please contact support if you require this capability).

The main start screen buttons confirm whether you can add tasks or not. If you can add tasks you will see a Tasks button on the main start screen.

Click this button to start building a new user task.

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