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Create and print out a works order report web (browser) client

How to create and print one or more works orders on a single report

Find the works order

From the main start screen, click the Works button (1) to view the works list or enter part of the order reference into the quick search box below the Works button (2)

Filter the works list

In this case we have used the filters to find all newly confirmed orders for Edward Lea so we can print out a set of orders at once.

To produce the report, click the Report button (1)

Select the report required

In the Report selector choose the type of report you require and optionally select the Direct print option with paper size. In this example we have chosen to produce the report on A5 sized paper for easy printing onto job cards. Then click the Confirm button.

PDF output (web client)

Selecting the Direct print option in the previous step in web client results in the report showing in a new tab in the browser as a multi page pdf ready for printing.You can now use the standard pdf controls in your browser (the precise nature of these will depend on the platform and browser you are using) to navigate, zoom, print or save the report as required.

Report added to personal reports list

All reports that you produce will be added to your personal reports list and can be reviewed at a later date (or deleted if no longer required) from the Reports button on the Main start screen. You can also use the Quick search facility by typing part of a report title into the quick search box below the Reports button on the Main start screen.

To review a report from the Reports list, click the Goto button on the appropriate row.