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Calculating total areas

How to get totals for gross and net usable areas from child resource levels

Resource card

All resource lists show the gross and net areas for the listed resources - in this case a list of rooms on the ground floor. These details are entered on the details tab. Select this tab to show the details form for the current resource, in this case the Ground floor zone on an Academy site.

The details tab

On the details tab you can enter the total (gross) and net areas manually or you can use the calculator button so automatically calculate the total area by getting a sum total for all areas entered in the relevant child resources records.

Click the calculator button to get a new total.

Confirm action

Click the Calculate button to confirm.


  • the new totals will only be collected from the immediate child resources - thus to get a new total for a zone (such as ground floor) you need to ensure that all areas (i.e. rooms) already have totals entered
  • the new totals will be calculated from the already entered totals of all child resources, provided those totals use the same unit of measure as is already set for this parent record i.e. m2. Any totals entered on child resources that use a different unit of measure will be ignored.

New totals entered

If totals are found from the child resources, the new total will replace any existing total for the current resource. In this case, the total areas of all rooms on the ground floor have been used to get a new total area for the ground floor.