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Re-creating the Matrix

The Matrix report

The Matrix report has a re-create button that allows you to filter the courses and employees included in the current Matrix. This is very useful to allow you to re-create the matrix for a specific combination of courses and employees. To find a new combination to include, click the re-create matrix button.

Matrix report options

Set any combination of required criteria to include:

  1. courses from a specific provider
  2. courses accredited by a specific agency
  3. employees with a specific role
  4. employees in a specific group
  5. employees assigned to a specific site

When done, click the Find button to get the relevant courses and / employees and re-create the matrix with this data only.

NOTE: Use the Reset button to clear all filter criteria

Confirm grouping for matrix report

You can choose to have the matrix output grouped by one of:

  • employee role
  • job title
  • employee group
  • allocated site

If you require the matrix output to be organises in this way, select the relevant option and click Proceed. Otherwise leave the 'no grouping' option and simply click Proceed to continue to a non-grouped matrix.

Confirm percentages

Choose whether to include or omit percentages for the new matrix report.

Click Yes to include percentages
Click No to omit percentages

New Matrix report

The new matrix report will be created, using the criteria entered. Note that the matrix report includes information on what criteria was used to create the report.