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Signing off a Helpdesk order (Helpdesk manager)

The quick method for a Helpdesk manager to sign off a works order as completed

Select Works list

Start by clicking the works button (1) OR direct entering the works order code of the order you want to locate in the quick find works field (2)

Works list

Click the goto button for the order you wish to sign-off

The works order card

Assuming you are satisfied that all works are completed to the required standard, simply click the Confirm button on the works order card

Confirm choice

You have the option of updating the start date or progress of the works, or simply confirming start, completion and sign-off in one operation. For this quick sign-off example we are going to sign-off in full so click the Full button

Confirm dates and times

In this dialog, confirm the start (1), completion (2) and sign-off (3) dates and times - these are pre-filled with the current date and time if no other dates have already been entered.

(4) Add any notes (optional) - these will be saved as as separate note attached to the order. If the order is linked back to a Helpdesk issue then any notes added here are also linked to the original Helpdesk issue.

Finally click the Confirm button in this dialog to fully sign-off the order (5).

Signed-off order

The works order and all individual works order items will be signed-off - you will see the status change to signed-off (1). Messages will also be automatically sent at this point to the Helpdesk caller and to the maintenance person / service provider who undertook the work to confirm that you have signed-off the order.

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