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Team access to Helpdesk Issues

How to set up teams for shared access to issues and tasks

If you set up your teams correctly you can allow any member of a team to take charge of any Helpdesk issue that is assigned to the team. Here's how to do it.

The team card

Start by accessing the relevant team card (either from your Home card or the relevant employer's home card) - you should be logged in as the employer or the team leader in order to do this.

Set up shared access

Click the shared access checkbox on the team setup tab.

With shared access now set up, all Helpdesk issues for this team will be accessible to all team members and will be listed in the Helpdesk issues list.


  1. The visibility only option allows you to ensure that team members can see all issues for the team but can only interact with issues assigned to them directly and they will not be able to access the Accept button (see below)
  2. Set the hide shared unless filtered option to initially hide shared issues from team members, limiting the Helpdesk issues list to their own issues only. Issues assigned to others or unassigned can still be found using the filters.
  3. Set initially assign to primary / lead option to always assign the issue to the lead initially as well as assigning to the team generally. This will set the primary contact / lead as the person in charge of the issue and therefore the issue will not be available for team members to self-assign unless the issue is released back to the team by the person in charge.
  4. The all team members can manage all issues setting does what it says: any team member can act as if they are in charge of any issues and take any relevant actions accordingly. This can be very useful for teams with full shared responsibility and removes the requirement to individually assign issues. Event logs will always indicate exactly who did what and when.
  5. Team email address - enter here a team email address in order to give all team members access to all email notifications for the team
  6. Team tel number - enter the team direct telephone number (for reference)
  7. Standard working day start and end times - indicate if necessary the hours within which the team is active. Note that this can combine with employer preferences for quiet times in order to delay the sending of email and text messages outside of normal working hours for the team.

Taking charge of a Helpdesk issue

This Helpdesk issue has been assigned to the team only - you can see this as the team is identified (1) and no person in charge has been set (2).

To accept responsibility for an issue, click the Accept button.

NOTE: The Accept button will only be visible if the visibility only option on the team setup tab is OFF / unchecked.

Confirm acceptance

Click Yes to confirm that you are accepting responsibility for this issue.

Issue assigned

The issue is now assigned (1) and the Accept button has gone. You are now in charge of this issue.

NOTE: You can reassign the issue to someone else or even release it back to the team generally using the Assign to person button to the right of the person i/c field.