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Consolidating decorating tasks

How to consolidate a set of redecoration tasks into a single room redecoration task.

What is required?

This process requires that you have a task already in your standard tasks list called 'Paint room complete (m2 rate)'. If you do not have a task with this name set up as a standard task you will not be able to complete this process!

There is a standard Flow360 task with this name that you can use or alternatively you can set up your own standard task complete with an appropriate m2 rate supplied to you be a preferred contractor. See the chapter on defining standard tasks for more detail on how to do this.

Tasks list with multiple redecoration tasks

Sometimes a number of redecoration tasks will be set up for a room or area and it's more useful to be able to replace them with a single 'Redecorate room' task. In this case there are 4 redecoration tasks set up for the Head's Secretary's Office. As all the redecoration will be undertaken at once it is preferable to have a single room redecoration task instead. You could simply delete the existing tasks and replace them with a room redecoration task but there is a shortcut to help you do this in one operation.

The room redecoration button

To replace the 4 tasks with a single room redecoration task, click the room redecoration button (paintbrush icon)

Confirm action required

You can enter the required date for the room redecoration task. Click Yes to proceed.

NOTE: You will see that only inactive tasks will be replaced. This prevents you from inadvertently removing tasks that are already active or have already passed their end (expiry) date.

Summary of action taken

This dialogue will confirm what action was taken. Click OK to continue.

The consolidated tasks list

Now there is a single Redecorate room task instead of the 4 individual tasks!