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Allocating a new reactive maintenance task

Setting up a new reactive maintenance task and sending out a direct order for immediate implementation.

NOTE: This example assumes that the required task does not already exist in the maintenance list for the relevant resource. If it does, then the first few steps (task allocation) can be ignored - simply start from the 'Start the Order' step.

Find the resource which requires action

First go to the record card for the resource, in this case a window in the G03 Office. If the required task is not already listed in the maintenance list for the resource, click the Add task button to allocate a new task.

Find a new task to allocate

If the required task ( in this case to replace the glass in the window) is not in your standard tasks list, use the filters to find the relevant task.

Select the task

Select the relevant task by clicking the relevant target button.

Selected task added to Current selection list

Confirm start date

In this situation, where the task is to be issued immediately, simply click the OK button.

Task added to the tasks list for the resource

To issue the works instruction, follow the steps for works orders