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Adding an incident report

Add an incident report to a room location

  1. Start by navigating to the relevant location or resource record. In this case we are adding an incident report to the Plant Room.
  2. Select the inspections tab (an incident report is a form of inspection report).
  3. Click the add inspection button.

Confirm choice

Select Incident report as the required form and click OK to proceed.

The incident report form

  1. On the incident report record, complete those elements of the form that are required in order to log the issue fully.
  2. Click the Notifiable tickbox in order to set the orange alert on this incident.
  3. Click the Helpdesk button to trigger a consequential Helpdesk issue as a result of this incident. Any notes that you add to the Notes / action required field on this form will be automatically copied across to the Helpdesk issue record for further action as required.
  4. To manually set a red alert (higher level) on this incident and automatically notify management by linked message, also click the alert tickbox.