Employees & Teams

Flow360 includes flexible staff and employee management to help you keep track of allocation, costs and availability.

There are multiple options for how this is implemented to line-up with how you want to work.

Flow360 is fully scalable to be able to include all your staff and employees. Furthermore, you can set up employee contracts and assign employee roles and sites.

To facilitate you personalising the data you want to include, you can also identify internal and charge out costs, maintain time sheets, allocate employees to teams and more.
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Streamline key employee data
  • Allocate staff to resource locations for even faster entry of Helpdesk issues
  • Set up employee contracts with salary and on-costs in order to track organisation costs
  • Assign employees to teams to allow sharing of responsibility for scheduled tasks
  • Maintain time sheets of activity and related costs
Training & Qualifications - In addition to being able to allocate resources effectively, Flow360 also allows you to manage all of your training and qualifications records.
  • Set up employee roles and allocate recommended training and qualifications.
  • Allocate roles to employees and see their training programme automatically populated with the recommended courses
  • Manually add existing qualifications complete with awarding body, grades achieved and expiry dates where applicable
  • Set alerts for training, qualification, supervision and appraisal dates
  • Traffic light warnings provide quick visual check of status of all training and qualifications
  • Distribute training materials
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  • Compliance
    Identify risks, link documents, programme actions, automatic event history …
  • Employees & Training
    Manage training & qualifications, employee time, contracts, teams …
  • Carbon & Energy
    Monitor and record usage, effect change, reduce costs …
  • Assets & Maintenance
    Detailed asset information, key information, documents, planned and reactive tasks …
  • Care Sector
    Employee training, manage servicing, maintain buildings and plant …
  • Education
    Manage fault reporting and service requests, identify risks, manage teams …
  • Facilities & Helpdesk
    Asset register, planned maintenance, faults and service requests …