Facilities & Helpdesk

Using the power of Flow360, users are able to track, initiate and audit issues, service requests and planned tasks.

Multiple channel alerts can be sent to the right people at the right time to ensure that priority actions and key maintenance are not missed.

This seamless way of working will help to streamline personnel time and efficiency, and ultimately help to save the organisation money.
Helpdesk - Flow360 Helpdesk provides the initial point of contact for users to log a new service request quickly and easily or register a breakdown issue or fault.

The system sends messages to in-house service staff or retained contractors (who may also log onto Flow360).
To speed up and help to fast track the resolution of issues raised, relevant linked documents are instantly available in Flow360 and as emailed attachments linked to works orders.
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Supplier Relations - Flow360 communicates directly with individual or selected groups of suppliers to facilitate e-tendering, manage price enquiries and issue works orders.

To help save valuable staff time and money, there is also the ability to use pre-tendered and stored rates for quotation and cost-calculations and shortlist suppliers for works. Flow360 also recognises and supports sub-contract level relationships.
Inspections - Flow360 manages the diary of essential tasks and makes records available to the responsible person anywhere, anytime.

To further simplify management, built in inspection forms and programmes of cyclical scheduled tasks are also available.

In addition, where reactive maintenance works are issued, Flow360 has the ability to identify if routine task requirements could be conducted in parallel, reducing wastage of time and expense per item.
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Resource booking - Staff in your organisation need to know if a resource is available, or when it can be booked.

With Flow360 any resource can be made bookable, from a single data projector to a room or even an entire site and repeating bookings can easily be accommodated.

Clashes are automatically identified and can be prevented. Multiple bookings options can be set up for each resource or area, each one covering dates and times when available and the booking rate that may apply.
Resource usage statistics - Any bookable resource can have usage statistics generated in chart form for any date range.

These statistics can be both individual and collective allowing the usage statistics for an individual room or object to be generated just as easily as the collective usage statistics for an entire site. This helps you to see how effectively and efficiently resources within the organisation are being used.
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