Understanding the differing and often complex needs of Schools Facilities Management was key in creating a solution which was fit for purpose.

With an easy and intuitive portal to navigate, Flow360 allows all staff to report problems in a timely and efficient manner, whilst giving management an overview of all outstanding issues with priority attached.

Flow360 facilities and estates management software for schools and colleges enables the efficient use of assets, resources and staff through empowering people to work productively, safely and within the constraints of tight financial and regulatory frameworks.

Flow360 does this by enabling high levels of collaboration at strategic-tactical and operational levels both within the organisation and in conjunction with external partners and providers.
As a facilities management solution Flow360 offers huge improvements in the maintenance and control of property along with the management of resources, contractors and staff. Ready access to key information, from task by task action lists to financial projections, promotes sound decision making at both operational and strategic levels.
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Flow360 is ...
  • Easy to try
  • Quick to set up
  • Suitable for any size school
  • Designed to simplify your life
  • Reliable and ensures that everything is recorded
Here are just some of the benefits of FM Software from Flow360:
  • Provides visibility of critical information and promotes collaborative communication
  • Reduces operational costs and administration risk
  • Helps identify underperforming assets and suppliers
  • Retains control over expenditure and prevents budget overspend
  • Ensures compliance and provides a full audit trail to meet OH&S standards
  • Transforms asset and soft FM data into meaningful information to support decision making
  • Compliance
    Identify risks, link documents, programme actions, automatic event history …
  • Employees & Training
    Manage training & qualifications, employee time, contracts, teams …
  • Carbon & Energy
    Monitor and record usage, effect change, reduce costs …
  • Assets & Maintenance
    Detailed asset information, key information, documents, planned and reactive tasks …
  • Care Sector
    Employee training, manage servicing, maintain buildings and plant …
  • Education
    Manage fault reporting and service requests, identify risks, manage teams …
  • Facilities & Helpdesk
    Asset register, planned maintenance, faults and service requests …