Flow360 in the Care Sector

As well maintaining and servicing their buildings and assets effectively, the care sector must also guarantee the safety of their service users and ensure that staff training and qualifications are efficiently managed.
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Flow360 Workgroup is a flexible solution which enables the monitoring and management of training and qualifications whoever your provider and provides a single repository to easily store and access this data when needed.
Alerts can be set to remind when staff need to undertake key training to remain within Health & Safety guidelines. Flow360 also allows you to manage the buildings, grounds, plant and equipment.
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With Flow360 you can manage:
  • staff training, qualifications, supervisions and appraisals
  • access to and management of training materials and certificates
  • reactive and planned maintenance
  • grounds management
  • in-house teams and external contractors
  • equipment repair and replacement programmes
  • document storage and sharing
  • compliance and inspections
  • cost centres and budgeting
  • procurement of supplies and services
  • energy usage
  • communication and collaboration
Equipment and plant has to be well maintained in order to remain compliant and manage risk.

Flow360 gives you the tools to ensure this happens on time and is fully recorded no matter what the size of your organisation.
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  • Compliance
    Identify risks, link documents, programme actions, automatic event history …
  • Employees & Training
    Manage training & qualifications, employee time, contracts, teams …
  • Carbon & Energy
    Monitor and record usage, effect change, reduce costs …
  • Assets & Maintenance
    Detailed asset information, key information, documents, planned and reactive tasks …
  • Care Sector
    Employee training, manage servicing, maintain buildings and plant …
  • Education
    Manage fault reporting and service requests, identify risks, manage teams …
  • Facilities & Helpdesk
    Asset register, planned maintenance, faults and service requests …