The Return on Investment

Flow360 provides tangible cost and efficiency benefits, releasing finance for core activities.
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Cost savings

The use of Flow360 actively promotes a move from reactive to more cost effective planned maintenance. Savings in staff time and service providers management time along with lean procurement all reduce costs further. In total, it is possible to realise savings of up to 21% on maintenance spend alone.

Savings will also result from improved management reporting and decision making, collaboration with service providers, and the availability of information upon which to manage a carbon reduction strategy.

Flow360’s unique charging structure enables you to achieve a return on investment much earlier.

In summary Flow360 is affordable yet adaptable, and will help you to achieve the necessary levels of compliance whilst controlling maintenance and energy budgets.
Efficiency gains
  • The entire maintenance process is logged and updated online - everyone has immediate access to up-to-date information – enabling faster decision making and avoiding unnecessary journey to pick up documents or check specifications
  • Never enter the same information twice - the integrated nature of Flow360 ensures that data is only ever entered once and is then available throughout the solution as required – saving time and avoiding human error
  • Flexible working remits and internally stored rates simplify and speed up the process of sending and receiving works enquiries and orders
  • Ease of communication and electronic 'delivery' of works orders ensures that reactive maintenance can also be speedily actioned
  • Collaborative environment and shared data promotes more efficient and effective working practices
  • Secure multi level access means all users can log on using their own account and access their data whenever and wherever they like – removing barriers to using the system and providing an incentive to record useful data for the future
  • Web based nature of solution means no software installations or data storage on local computers and no software updates to worry about – avoiding the hassle and potential delays in rolling out the system and providing access to key personnel
  • Built in messaging and event logging provides automatic audit trail and history
Therefore …
  • time saved and human resources are released
  • finance saved can be invested
  • improved quality of service - all users know when, what and how much the maintenance will be
  • predictability - service can be optimised to be least disruptive and most efficient
  • Facilities
    Ensure a safe environment, deliver on your organisation's FM goals…
  • Finance
    Manage the move to more cost effective planned maintenance, improve efficiency…
  • IT
    Hosted solution simplifies implementation - zero installation,access from anywhere…
  • Operations
    Daily operational management, strategic planning, cost projections…
  • Energy management
    Monitor and record usage, effect change, reduce costs…
  • Service provider
    Collaborate and share information, manage teams and works, sub-contracts…
  • Return on investment
    Flow360 provides tangible cost and efficiency benefits…
  • Helpdesk
    Fault reporting and service requests, quick and easy access…
  • Mobile
    Access on any device with just a web browser…
  • Organisation wide
    Collaborative and share, improve efficiency and effectiveness…