Organisation-wide benefits

Key benefits for all users...collaborative environment and shared data promotes more efficient and effective working practices, flexible working remits


Why do facilities managers like Flow360? “Effective facilities management, combining resources and activities, is vital


Flow360 provides tangible cost and efficiency benefits for all key players involved in managing your establishment

Energy management

Simple changes in the area of energy management is one of the quickest ways to reduce costs and add back into bottom line profit. Flow360 provides you with the data to make these decisions

Service provider

Flow360 can be of great use to organisations that provide goods and services with the ultimate aim of improving service and reducing costs

Return on investment

In total, it is possible to realise savings of up to 21%, and governors, managers and service providers all share in these savings


From the logging of faults and breakdowns to general site issues or catering, cleaning, logistics, portering and ICT service requests the Flow360 Helpdesk is the starting point for getting things done