Service Provider

I provide my clients with goods and services - why would Flow360 interest me?
Service Provider
Flow360 can be of great use to organisations that provide goods and services with the ultimate aim of improving service and reducing costs.
Flow360 can include detailed asset information of items and services that you have provided to your clients. You can attach documentation including drawings, specifications, manuals photographs and share this information with colleagues and customers alike.
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This means you have access to everything you need to know about your assets and the clients using them always to hand.
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When a client is outsourcing or renting an item it is usually part of your remit to ensure that the item is well maintained and continues to function.
How can Flow360 improve my customer service and reduce my costs?
Planned Maintenance in Flow360 allows you to make sure that buildings, equipment or goods you provide continue to function at optimum levels and your maintenance teams can go fully prepared to carry out tasks saving valuable time and associated costs.
Reactive Maintenance - When unforeseen events occur Flow360 helps the service provider deal with these. From suggesting suppliers or sub contractors through to issuing works orders and more, Flow360 ensures that issues are dealt with efficiently and a proper history is maintained.
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The whole process is managed through to resolution so that at any time you are aware of what is happening.
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Help desk - Service users will from time to time want to log issues in relation to assets they are using. Flow360 Help Desk provides the initial point of contact for logging issues.
Once raised the supplier can progress issues to closure providing the service user visibility of what has happened. Flow360 helps suppliers resolve issues and communicate with service users easily.
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    Ensure a safe environment, deliver on your organisation's FM goals…
  • Finance
    Manage the move to more cost effective planned maintenance, improve efficiency…
  • IT
    Hosted solution simplifies implementation - zero installation,access from anywhere…
  • Operations
    Daily operational management, strategic planning, cost projections…
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    Monitor and record usage, effect change, reduce costs…
  • Service provider
    Collaborate and share information, manage teams and works, sub-contracts…
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    Flow360 provides tangible cost and efficiency benefits…
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    Fault reporting and service requests, quick and easy access…
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