Organisation wide benefits

  • collaborative environment and shared data promotes more efficient and effective working practices
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  • flexible working remits and internally stored rates simplify and speed up the process of sending and receiving works enquiries and orders
  • the entire maintenance process is logged and updated online - everyone has immediate access to up-to-date information
  • tangible cost and efficiency benefits for all key players
  • use of Flow360 actively promotes a move from reactive to planned maintenance...
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  • in total, it is possible to realise savings of up to 20%!
  • savings are shared - governing bodies, managers and service providers all benefit
  • time saved and human resources are released
  • finance saved can be re-targetted
  • improved quality of service - all users know when, what and how much the maintenance will be
  • predictability - service can be optimised to be least disruptive and most efficient
  • ease of communication and electronic 'delivery' of works orders ensures that reactive maintenance can also be speedily actioned
  • built in messaging and event logging provides audit trail and history
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  • secure multi level access means all users can log on using their own account and access their data whenever they like
  • never enter the same information twice - the integrated nature of Flow360 ensures that data is only ever entered once and is then available throughout the solution as required
  • remote data storage, mirroring and backup ensures data security and availability
  • web based nature of solution means no software installations or data storage on local computers and no software updates to worry about
  • single point of access to all relevant information for every user
  • central document storage ensures all users can access and share important documentation no matter where they are
  • Facilities
    Ensure a safe environment, manage resources, personnel…
  • Finance
    Manage the move to more cost effective planned maintenance …
  • IT
    Hosted solution means zero installation, access from anywhere …
  • Operations
    Operational management, strategic planning, cost projections …
  • Energy management
    Monitor and record usage, effect change, reduce costs …
  • Service provider
    Collaborate and share information, manage teams and works …
  • Return on investment
    Deliver tangible and shared cost and efficiency benefits …
  • Helpdesk
    Fault reporting and service requests, quick and easy access …
  • Mobile
    Easy access on any device with internet and a web browser …
  • Organisation wide
    Collaborate and share, improve efficiency and effectiveness …