I am involved with the day to day operational running of my establishment - how can Flow360 make my life easier?
I need to know about every bit of equipment I am responsible for.

Flow360 holds detailed asset information which can be as basic as a building plan or drill down into seven levels of classification to an individual component within an item.
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Attach documents including drawings, specifications, manuals and photographs - to anything. Flow360 tells you which items are where, what they look like, how they work, how they are configured and much more besides.
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I need to know what I should be doing and when.

Flow360 tells you what maintenance is required and when. Detailed descriptions and methodology can be set in advance and standardised across the entire site.
Planned Maintenance schedules are created so that assets can be maintained and continue to perform to their maximum capacity. The ability to attach documentation to works orders means maintenance teams can go fully prepared to carry out tasks saving valuable time and associated costs.

Even when unforseen events occur Flow360 can help. Reactive Maintenance management can assist with suggested suppliers, issuing works orders and more. Flow360 manages the whole process of handling issues that occur through to resolution.
I need to tell others what is happening.

Automated messaging ensures that everyone is kept informed.
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As well as providing the initial point of contact for logging issues raised the Flow360 Help desk also communicates to other stakeholders what has happened on an issue reported and informs them of other works scheduled. The Web based nature of the solutions allows calls to be updated anywhere by anyone with the appropriate access permissions.
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I have to carry out regular inspections and compliance checks.
Inspections and compliance checks are an important part of managing assets.
It is important that they are fit for purpose to avoid health and safety issues as well as possible legal consequences.
Flow360 helps ensure that those involved in undertaking these inspections carry them out on time and records are kept up to date.
Flow360 aims to make life easier for those involved in the operational side of an organisation by giving them the tools to carry out their day to day tasks whilst ensuring that data is entered only once but is available to everyone who needs access.
  • Facilities
    Ensure a safe environment, deliver on your organisation's FM goals…
  • Finance
    Manage the move to more cost effective planned maintenance, improve efficiency…
  • IT
    Hosted solution simplifies implementation - zero installation,access from anywhere…
  • Operations
    Daily operational management, strategic planning, cost projections…
  • Energy management
    Monitor and record usage, effect change, reduce costs…
  • Service provider
    Collaborate and share information, manage teams and works, sub-contracts…
  • Return on investment
    Flow360 provides tangible cost and efficiency benefits…
  • Helpdesk
    Fault reporting and service requests, quick and easy access…
  • Mobile
    Access on any device with just a web browser…
  • Organisation wide
    Collaborative and share, improve efficiency and effectiveness…