Flow360's integrated Helpdesk is designed to help identify and resolve issues quickly.

The Flow360 Helpdesk has been designed to make the logging of faults, issues and service requests by all users a simple and trackable process.

Issues and requests can simply and quickly be logged by any user. The logging of a new issue triggers an automatic notification (by internal message in Flow360, mirrored to email) to the relevant manager that an issue has been logged. The call can then be assessed and progressed with appropriate actions being taken. Where appropriate, maintenance tasks can be allocated with accompanying timescales and priorities attached.
As the call progresses details of events that have occurred are updated and instantly visible to all. The on-line nature of Flow360 means progress can be checked and updated by anyone anywhere with the appropriate permissions.

This visibility of data means that work schedules can be planned around maintenance tasks and everyone is kept informed about what is happening.
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Flow360's Helpdesk:
  • provides the initial contact point for facilities and asset users to raise issues and service requests either online or via office or facilities management staff
  • quickly and easily identifies exactly which feature of which asset requires attention
  • logs works orders and deployment of resources
  • messages to in-house service staff or retained contractors automatically
  • has linked document storage – including M&E manuals, H&S notices, photographs, plans and diagrams etc
  • is available to service staff and contractors on site
  • tracks works orders to ensure completion and efficient sign-off
  • can automatically notify where routine maintenance is scheduled within close time proximity to a repair request
  • processes financial aspects of reported issues
  • offers an intuitive and attractive user-interface
Managers can have access to all levels of the solution giving them appropriate control of the Helpdesk.
Flow360 facilitates fast and prompt attention to issues and service requests, with associated benefits to all concerned.
  • Facilities
    Ensure a safe environment, deliver on your organisation's FM goals…
  • Finance
    Manage the move to more cost effective planned maintenance, improve efficiency…
  • IT
    Hosted solution simplifies implementation - zero installation,access from anywhere…
  • Operations
    Daily operational management, strategic planning, cost projections…
  • Energy management
    Monitor and record usage, effect change, reduce costs…
  • Service provider
    Collaborate and share information, manage teams and works, sub-contracts…
  • Return on investment
    Flow360 provides tangible cost and efficiency benefits…
  • Helpdesk
    Fault reporting and service requests, quick and easy access…
  • Mobile
    Access on any device with just a web browser…
  • Organisation wide
    Collaborative and share, improve efficiency and effectiveness…